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Astreid. 19. Female. FIlipina.
  • Me: There are so many books I own that I want to read
  • Me: There are so many books that I don't own that I want to read
  • Me: -cries a little-

How Do You Know Someone Is The One? (x)

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My name is written on His Heart.

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Avoidance makes it worse; confrontation gradually improves it
— Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart (via circleofquotes)


God: You have searched for true love in you own way. But My ways are not your ways. I want to script a beautiful tale just for you, but first you must trust Me with the pen of this precious area of your life. Will you let Me write your love story?

The God Girl with Boys


She isn’t competitive, always trying to one-up them. She isn’t one of the guys. She appreciates them for their differences and doesn’t try to make them into her best friend. She knows that a relationship with a boy is a very different thing from one with girl. She is aware of how boys think…


This is how I feel about bananas.


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